Content Creation

Every business has its own story to tell...

Let's share it with your audience. 


Photography & Video Shoots

Digital Progress Media provides video production services to ignite your social media campaigns, and connect with your customer.

Unlike other social media agencies, your video production is included in your management package.

Imagine having a video expert on standby whenever you need it. 


Facebook Advertising

"How do you know your target customer sees your ad?"

Facebook Advertising is the most targeted form of direct response advertising in use today.

Facebook and Instagram collect a mass amount of data their users and have created a platform to market directly where your customer's attention is on their phone, tablet or computer. 

Unlike other forms of un-targeted advertising, your ad will only be seen by your target customer.

We create unique advertising campaigns to create buzz around your brand, capture leads, promote brand awareness. 

We can easily get your ad campaign in front of 5,000 local targeted customers in as little as two weeks with only $5/day ad spend. 


Retargeting Ads

Facebook retargeting ads are broken into two distinct groups, custom audiences, and look-a-like audiences.

We can track every Facebook user that lands on your funnel. Using the Facebook Pixel, we take this data and create a custom ad targeted to those who were interested but didn't opt-in. 

Using a look-a-like audience we can use the pixel data, to create a target audience that has similar traits to those who have already opted into your offer, that hasn't seen it yet. 


Facebook Messenger "Chatbots"

The power of Facebook Messenger Bots is an automated low-cost lead generation tool that most business owners aren't even aware exists. 

The most significant observation you can make as a business owner looking to create a strong lead for your website or to increase conversion and customer engagement, is to frame your chatbot as a customer service utility.


Social Media Management

Our number one goal with social media management is to increase your brand awareness, grow your following, and save you time.

Allow us to manage your social media, while you do what you do best; operate and grow your business. 


Funnel Creation

A "funnel" walks the customer through the lead or sales process just like you would when meeting with a customer or prospect in person.

A "funnel" is a series of landing pages, that we use to help you generate leads, promote events, and help you hire great people. 


Lead Generation

More exposure to your targeted customer means more leads, which is followed by more sales in your business. Our goal is to utilize advanced social media strategies to gain more traffic, leads, and sales.

Mail Chimp.jpeg


Email Marketing

The follow-up process in any lead generation system is where your lead is nurtured into a sale, and then the lifetime value of a customer begins.

At Digital Progress Media, our follow up process is unique, by giving your customer education, value, and an incentive to take action.

We have a creative kick off strategy called, "The Second Place Winner." & "The Personal Follow up Sequence."


Instagram Growth Package

When a business signs up for our Instagram growth package, you get enrolled into our @ct_iloveyou partner program. We will feature your business weekly on our @CT_iloveyou account. 

Furthermore, the worries of posting and managing your Instagram will be no more, our team will use growth tactics, hashtag research, and engaging content to make your instagram account become #1 in your area & niche!