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thrives on the trust between clients and the communities we serve.
Our goal is to help you build your social media presence, target your desired customers, and gain more revenue for your business. 

You can expect a custom-tailored solution to your online presence and a marketing plan to bring local customers to your restaurant. We specialize in lead generation for serving restaurants all over the United States. 

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Craft a marketing strategy that will deliver the best results on your budget on your terms. 

Working with Evan, within three months our restaurant went from $18,000/month to $32,000/month! Within the last ten weeks, we went from $5,400/week to $8,100/week. Thank you Evan, you have a lifetime client with me!
— Pasquale Cavallaro, GM The South Sea Grill

Client Testimonials

I would personally like to thank my Digital Media Consultant, Evan Vericker. He has become a new found friend. Also, he turned my new business around and pointed it in a new direction. His enthusiasm is addictive, his drive will not only make himself successful but any business that takes him on board. Thanks, Evan.
— Mike Papp, PGA Professional
After taking coaching calls with Evan, I was really brought beyond the edge in terms of my own performance on a difficult niche client. Evan was spot on and was able to 5X our lead generation process!
— Anjoscha Kaus
It’s my pleasure to work with Evan, I see a lot of results coming into my business. I’m pleased with this company and I appreciate what you do for me Evan!
— Edgar Ortiz, Owner | La Luna Ristorante
Evan has been a god-send in helping me start a new business. He has helped me define my business goals and put a strategic plan of action into effect. He is bright and a true professional. Evan understands what it takes to use social media marketing to help a business stand out from its competitors’ and thrive! I highly recommend Digital Progress Media.
— Ann Giangarra, Copy Cat Writing Service
“I just have to say that call helped a lot. I have no clients and have made over 200 calls for business. That conversation revamped my motivation! I now have the tools I need to be more confident when talking about Social Media Marketing!
Thanks again Evan!”
— Sedrick Ross, Consulting Student
Thanks, Evan.
I really like the job you guys did with the video. I feel that you tell a complete story better than our video did and that you have an upbeat positive feeling to the video.
— Gordon Wall, SYNERGY Home Care


Managed Clients

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Our Creative Strategy

"Your giveaway strategy works, the campaigns were successful, people were showing up redeeming your emails, keep up the good work!"

- Bistro Mediterranean Tapas Restaurant

Consulting Client

What's Your Dream?

"I have recently had dreams of starting my own business in my community but did not know exactly where to start.

While connecting with other similar businesses online, I came across Evan Vericker who is the owner of Digital Progress Media.

A simple hello from Evan lead to an amazing consultation that placed me on the right track to starting my business. Evan has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of social media marketing and business management in general.

I would advise anyone who needs social media marketing or is interested in the business of social media marketing to get in touch with Evan to take your business to the next level.

Thanks again Evan."

- G. Dunston; Dunston's Promo Specialists